Apple Snack To-Go

If you’re like me you pack your house in your purse. Apple Hack IG 2I’ve tried getting a bigger bag, but I end up adding more “necessities” in there. Let’s just say I”m ready for an apocalypse. I always try to think of ways to cut the amount I lug around.

We don’t snack much, but some days when I know we’ll be out for a long period I bring a few treats.This time I had hardly anything to bring back home. Try this!

Apple Hack 5


  • 1 apple
  • 1 tbs peanut butter (or any butter)
  • Toppings: almond slithers, coconut, raisins, granola
  • Rubberband
  1. Cut the apple in half
  2. Core out the seeds with a spoon
  3. Fill with peanut butter and toppings
  4. Put apple halves back together and cut one more time (refer to video)
  5. Hold the apple together using a rubber band

Tip: Don’t overfill the core with too much toppings. It will be very messy and ooze out if you do.



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