Egg Star Sandwiches

Happy Fourth of July!

Yes, this is festive and cute, but I made it for another reason as well. Egg Star WebMy son stopped eating eggs for the last week or so. Perhaps he’s just bored. I mean he’s just like us, if you eat too much of one thing it gets old. When this happens, I always try to change up the recipe to spike his interest again. Since he loves pointing out anything that he knows the word of, this was a hit!


  • 1 egg (2 egg yolk, 1 egg white for a yellow star)
  • Bread
  • Cookie cutter
  • 1 tbs Butter


1. Place cookie cutter on bread and cut out star, place star shape aside

2.  Scramble egg

3. In pan add 1 tbs of butter on low heat

3. Add cut out bread and fill the star with egg and cover on low-medium heat

Tip: Do not overfill star, the egg will overflow and let’s just say it won’t really look like a star anymore. Lesson learned.

Here’s ¬†a blooper shot that I thought you may appreciate.

Hand Egg Star

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