Teriyaki Chicken Hand Rolls

I love sushi! I’ll admit it. These last 7 months of pregnancy have been tough because I’ve had to stop eating one of my favorite foods. Naturally,  I  decided to make my own cooked version. Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Resize

It’s  also suitable for my toddler. I always try to offer him a diverse array of foods and expose him to the joys of sushi early. I’m still “chicken” to let him try raw foods, however. Since I’ve exposed him to the texture and shape of the Japanese delicacy, I’m hoping he is ready when I  introduce him to the real thing. P.S. He loved this and so did I!

In case you’re wondering, the plates I used to prepare this dish and serve it is our Oogaa plate


  • Cooked chicken breast (i used leftover rotisserie)
  • Soy wrapping paper (non gmo) or seaweed (organic)
  • Teriyaki Sauce – homemade or store-bought
  • American blend salad or any veggies you’d like
  • Asian rice (sushi rice is best, but I just used regular white rice)


  1. Cut soy paper in half
  2. Carefully spread a thin layer of rice on soy paper as shown below
  3. Add desired toppings: chicken, and veggies
  4. Drizzle teriyaki sauce and roll

Tip: Don’t add too much sauce, it will get soggy

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