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I’ve recently had to upgrade my diaper bag since I now have two kids to pack for,  plus all my essentials. I do have to admit that I love bags, but the JuJube B.F.F.  is one of my favorites! No wonder it’s called B.F.F because we’ve become really close friends ever since I’ve had it. I don’t leave home without her. I mean him.  I also have a matching lunch bag the that comes in real handy for my hungry toddler.

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The folks at JuJube really had moms in mind because the material their bags are made of retain stains. We all know how messy kids can be, especially since the contents of half my bag is usually food.  The bag has an antimicrobial lining to help keep it free of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. That just grosses me out just thinking of it, but thank goodness the material itself inhibits it! It’s also machine washable for the inevitable spill or if your toddler tornado decides to sneak in dirty rocks and sticks in your bag to take home. Or in my case, sometimes sand and dirt itself. I don’t allow it of course, but sometimes a stick or two ends up in my bag sometimes. The life with two boys I tell you. In addition,  it also has little metal feet to keep the dirt away when you put it on the floor. As a recovering germophobe, this is pretty cool.

This bag is HUGE!! It comes with all the compartments you could ever think of, even a mommy pocket. This is great for my very unorganized self, at least when it comes to my bags anyway.  Jujube For me, the bigger the bag, the more I bring. So organization pockets are super helpful. There are so many pockets and zippers for every little thing you need.  I mean seriously folks, the bag even has a sunglasses holder and key holder.  No more leaving it at the park or having it fall of your head or shirt pocket.

The lining is also light-colored so you’re not searching for diapers in the abyss. You can see the contents of your bag straight away.


Not only is it super cute it’s also so practical. I always look for a backpack type bag.  I’ve been accustomed to this style because, let’s face it, it’s a lot easier when chasing kids around. JuJu StrapsSadly, handbags are a thing of the past for me at least when I’m out without my husband. The good news is this bag is convertible to a shoulder bag or crossover messenger bag. It comes with an extra strap for conversion. So back to the backpack style, check out those straps —————–>                                          It’s soft and thick so your tired shoulders don’t have to suffer. Don’t laugh, but some days I don’t want to take it off because it’s so comfy.

Even your baby will feel the comfort. The diaper pad is made of memory foam. I’ve even used it as a pillow to get a little shut-eye at the park. Newly washed of course and with hubby around to watch the kids.


This little bag is really useful on our outings. It’s made of the same durable material as it’s cousin the B.F.F. Most importantly, the material provides insulation. Juju Be FuelYou can keep stuff warm or cold. The bag is a perfect size for a nice size lunch and extra goodies.

The lid has a smaller zip pocket for your utensils, napkins or wipes.

It’s basic, does what it’s suppose to do, and the plus?  It’s so trendy and cute.




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