“Easy” is something we can all appreciate, and it’s rarely used in the same sentence as the word “toddler”. But trust us when we say that “Easy Toddler Meals” lives up to the name. logo-etmIn 2015, first time mom Charisse Resser found it difficult to make healthy meals for her son while also introducing him to new foods and getting him to enjoy them.
Going out to eat was not only costly but also wasteful. After spending some time playing with various combinations in the kitchen, Charisse used her former media skills to post pictures and videos of what turned out to be delectable creations. She found that after a few short months she had amassed a following on social media – it turns out she wasn’t the only one struggling to provide a variety of healthy meals for a toddler. Her goal with Easy Toddler Meals is to inspire readers with recipes that are easy, creative, healthy, and budget-conscious. Presentation of these meals is key, and healthy eating is the foundation for a child’s development. You will, however see some pizza and chocolate cake in our menus.


Charisse Resser is the mother of two young boys who balances the demands of motherhood, career, and home life with the support of her “super hero” husband Todd. Like Superman, Charisse got her start as a journalist. In addition to being nominated for an Emmy Award and other awards throughout her decade in the business, Charisse developed a knack for listening and helping others. Her passion for creating easy toddler meals has connected her with thousands of parents and caregivers interested in creating fun, simple, nutritious meals for children. Her ideas are presented through creative “how to” videos that explain how to make her tasty creations. Charisse earned a degree in Business from the University of Southern California, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She also runs a vocational medical school as a full time job.

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